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Chula Dress

CODE: CL - Colorful
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chula is happiness, life, sense of humor.

chula is silk, embroidery, colors, patchwork, handmade.

chula is one of a kind, is love for the details, is patience.

chula is word of mouth, is a connection in an airport, a friend of a friend of a friend who becomes now a chula friend.

chula is Vietnam but as well Madrid, New York, Hoi An, the Moon.

chula is more than fashion, is photography, painting, music, conversations, sangria, a coffee on the lake, an art chula night 

chula is timeless but trendy, crazy but elegant, oriental & western.

chula is not a just brand, chula is not a just shop; is a memory, is a feeling, is a melody

you are chula

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