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Rabatine Silk Crepe Dress

CODE: IHF - beige/navy
Designed by

I HATE FASHION – is a brand distributed directly by IAG (International Apparel Group).

Products of I HATE FASHION are designed by a group of talented designers from the UK, Finland, Germany, Poland, Spain and Portugal. The designers were educated and graduated from the leading Fashion Institutes and Art Academies in Europe. They have rich working experience in the world’s biggest fashion brands such as Top Shop, COS, Mango, Fred Perry, Reiss.

Most importantly, the designers of I HATE FASHION, understand are up-to-date with trends, fads and demand in the fashion industry. I HATE FASHION product combines comfortability with good quality and reasonable price.

Because of that reality, the fashion line, HATE and I HATE FASHION are born for young customers having stable income and being keen on utility fashion.

design , Fashion , young
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