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Hand painted taffeta dress

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Are you keen on classical black dress but afraid of its monotony? If so, this Chula dress with patterns painted by hand is perfect for you. Although it has simple form, its sophisticated sewing on high quality cloth - Taffeta, which is only sewn by skillfully tailors, makes you become an elegant and charming lady at any parties.

Laura Fontan & Diego Cortizas are a Spanish couple behind Chula.They live in Vietnam since 2004 and fall in love with the country, the people, the food, the colors and of course the amazing Vietnamese silk fabrics and handicrafts. Chula was born at that time 2004 in Hanoi. From the first designs we like to combine the best of 2 both countries (Spain and Vietnam) with a simple silhouette style dresses and fresh and radical graphic ideas decoration on them.

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