Spring buds embroidered bedset

3,182,400 vnđ
Product infomation
Tan My hand - embroidery bed set - Spring buds

1. Giường King/King Size Bed: 180x200cm: Giá/Price 6.954.000 VNĐ
- Ga phủ kèm 2 gối (50x70cm)/Top sheet and 2 pillow covers (50x70cm) 2.964.000VNĐ
- Vỏ chăn/Duvet Cover: 3.078.000 VNĐ
- Ga chun/Fitted sheet: 912.000VNĐ

2. Giường Queen/ Queen size bed: 160cm x 200cm: Giá/Price: 6.384.000 VNĐ
- Ga kèm 2 gối (50x70cm)/ Top sheet and 2 pillow covers: 2.736.000VNĐ
- Vỏ chăn/Duvet cover 2.850.000VNĐ
- Ga chun/Fitted sheet: 798.000VNĐ

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