Cashmere scarf


Cashmere scarf with silk patch

5,850,000 vnđ
cashmere, silk
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Chez M'lain is the best luxury cashmere product you can find. Cashmere is collected from very high mountains in the Himalayas. Cashmere is derived from goat hair, especially in the softest areas of feathering. Each year, only 50-150 grams of cashmere can be obtained from the soft feathers of each goat.
Goats go through a long period of time to adapt to hot climate conditions, which can be as cold as minus 40 degree celsius. Luckily, thanks to the nature of a special coat, the goats are able to withstand the cold weather. Cashmere yarns have special advantages. The softness of cashmere scarf can not be compared to any other materials. Another notable feature is the warm cashmere scarf six times of other fabric, such as wool scarf. You will not feel cold when wearing a Mongolian cashmere.
  • Mongolian cashmere
  • Silk satin patches 
  • Machine wash or dry clean
Scarf is combined of cashmere and silk satin patch to create the elegance of the users.




You should wash with water at normal temperature (under 37 degrees). It is best to wash with specialized soap and then gently smooth the fabric surface, do not squeeze or rub strongly. Finally you just rinse with cold water.
Drying: You can place the garment on a clean and dry towel and roll it. Press the towel lightly to absorb the water from the shirt. You should allow the shirt to dry naturally on a flat surface at room temperature, avoid sunlight and any heat source. Do not use the dryer as heat can degrade woolen fibers.
If it should be flat, you should be left with moderate temperature and should add a thin layer of fabric
Note: Do not dry the garment on hanger when it is wet. Do not twist, tumble dry or use direct heat.


The best way to store Cashmere is to fold it flat. Can be placed in sealed plastic bags to prevent insects and aphids infiltration. If you can not do that then you have to be sure to leave the insect and spread the debris out of the package before it can be the cause of the invasion.

It is important not to hang Cashmere products to avoid stretching them.


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