Set of 6 pairs of ebony pearl-tipped chopsticks, silver rim, with chopsticks rests

Price: 1,675,000 VNĐ
wood, pearl, silver
6 sets
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Chopsticks in Vietnamese culture are not only indispensable items in every meal but also contain deep emotional value as well as the spirit of the Vietnamese people. Chopsticks not only to pick food for ourselves, but also take food to invite our loved ones, which is rare in Western culture. Before eating, the children have to prepare the chopsticks to show respect to the elders. So, gathering in the meal is very important to Vietnamese people in family life. Set of wooden chopsticks with the silver details will bring the beauty and warmth for every meal with your family
Designer: Pascale Dang
Pascal Dang's unique selling point are the mixture between East & West based on traditional materials such as: Bamboo, eggshell, seashell, natural stone… Besides, her products reflect the beauty of nature & lifestyle of Vietnamese people in the country side. For instance: The market in the country side is carved on stone boxes, birds on the lids of lacquer wares, leaves are embroidered on the scarves...All these features make her products special & unique to customer not only in Vietnam but also in over the world. 

Her lacquer is made in the traditional way with more than 20 layers, all made by skilled artisans in Viet Nam. She uses many natural materials including: eggshell, mother of pearl, buffalo horn, snail shell. Her scaves are made of 100% silk and natural fabrics.

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