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3-Tier Lunch Box

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Product infomation
A lacquer lunch box for decoration of your living room, why not? This lunch box, which is carved with pearl and owns shiny lacquer surface, makes your room prominent and diffrerent because bringing a kitchen-owned item to decorate the living room is an unique idea.

Pascal Dang's unique selling point are the mixture between East & West based on traditional materials such as: Bamboo, eggshell, seashell, natural stone… Besides, her products reflect the beauty of nature & lifestyle of Vietnamese people in the country side. For instance: The market in the country side is carved on stone boxes, birds on the lids of lacquer wares, leaves are embroidered oh the scaves,... All these features make her products special & unique to customer not only in Vietnam but also in over the world.

Cleaning guide:
  • Use a damp cloth with warm water. Rub the cloth over the surface of the furniture and make sure you dry it well with a bit of paper. After drying, use a suede cloth to rub and leave it looking perfectly shiny.
  • Use colorless wax or wax the same color as the furniture to remove marks from lacquered furniture. Apply the wax to the damaged surface and rub it with a woolen cloth until the mark disappears as if by magic.
  • Use a brilliant product: ammonia If you use a cloth soaked in warm water across the surface of the table or the cupboard and notice some unsightly water marks afterwards.

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