Linen & Cotton dress


Brocade pleated dress with embroidered flowers

6,016,000 VNĐ
Product infomation
This dress is made by high-quality brocade cloth, which is a symbolic material of ethinic minorities in Viet nam. Also, it is designed with net pattern on the sleeves and finely embroidered flowers, which makes you feel and become a part of the beauty of Northern moutainous area in Vietnam. 

Dang Thi Minh Hanh was born 1961, is a fashion designer from Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. She is director of the VietNam Fashion design institude (FADIN) in Ho Chi Minh city. She is leading figure in Viet Nam's new fashion industry. Her designs show the different ethnic groups in Vietnam. Some are taken from the ethnic minorties. Some are modern city living.

Laundry guide:
  • Hand washing in cool water. Tips: Use shower gel or shampoo to clean, do not use hard detergent. Do not wash with other colored items. Scrape gently, do not squeeze. Fabric softener is allowed.
  • Do not hang the brocade items on sharp and pointed hangers or surfaces. You should flip the inside of the cloth as you hang to preserve the color
  • Store in cool and dry places as you do not use for a long time. 

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