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Italy flag details folding dress

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NEP NEP by Vu Tran Duc Hai is the first one that uses Japanese fashion technology in Vietnam. The folds on the surface of the fabric are treated exquisitely with special technology, created amazing effects when wearing. That is the flexibility and sense of liberty. With the minimalist design, the shape of Nep Nep is very modern, luxurious and makes mixing very simple. The biggest difference between Nep Nep and the conventional accordion fabric is that the regular ones will be pre-folded and then cut and sewn into the product. The process of Nep Nep is in the opposite way, the product will be sewn first, then it will be put into the machine. This method complicates the process; accuracy should be high and require 3 times of work. But the result is the great fashion piece, the product will have the same sort of sewing machines that fit perfectly together and more specifically it feels very comfortable wearing the dress.

Fabric composition: 100% polyester high quality (ISSEY MIYAKE product quality equivalent). 

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