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Thanh Chuong (1949) is a famous painter, a master of contemporary Vietnamese painting. As the Vietnamese prodigy, he started his career from the age of 7. For more than half a century of creative and artistic work, he has produced enormous amounts of artwork, from sketches to sculptures, paintings, oil paints, lacquers, especially lacquers

Beginning of Doi Moi - 1986, he became one of the most popular painters, for his paintings were a unique blend of Vietnamese art and contemporary international language.  This became a strong characteristic in his paintings, which he called contemporary folk style. He was a pioneering painter who influenced the younger generations of painters as he always insisted, emphasizing the importance of preserving national identity in creation. His works are available in many European, Asian and American countries.

In 2001, his name continued to shine, as he was the first artist in the country to have art work of Love selected by the United Nations as international stamps (For the International Festival of Volunteering), bringing the Vietnamese artist on the list of world artists in the stamp collection of the United Nations.

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