Embroidered painting

In feudal times, hand embroidery was one of the jobs to serve the kings, officials, and nobility. Embroidery products are made of fabric threads by the creative effort of Vietnamese artisans.
The threads were then dyed by hand-made formula with completely natural materials such as dyeing yam root, indigo, almond bark, grindstones, Sophora japonica ... that make foreigners admire. commented that: "Looking at the dyed watercolors of the workers found it very muddy, unexpectedly when they were dyed, there was enough of an extremely strange color palette that seemed like a new magic spell."
What is hand embroidery painting?
Hand embroidery painting is a handmade product that has both traditional beauty and artistic value, so many people adore it.
Hand-embroidered painting is embroidered on silk or specialized embroidery fabric with many different colors. The white background is often used for landscape and animal embroidery, while the black background is used for embroidery with flowers and still subjects.
The topic of hand embroidery is very diverse:
Embroidery flower paintings
Portrait embroidery paintings
Scenery embroidery paintings
Feng shui hand embroidery paintings
Hand-embroidered paintings by artisans directly on the fabric, or on paper then proceed to work on the canvas, and then the artists carry out embroidery. In other words, hand embroidery is a high-class form of oil painting, because it has one more elaborate step: using needles to embroider and create pictures.

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