Yellow Karine bag

Price: 1,350,000 VNĐ
hemp fabric, water hyacinth yarns, leather
26*12*H20cm, Handle Height: 27cm
Product infomation
Mr. Doan Hung, the founder of the Comay Craft handbag brand owned by the Dan Viet Handicraft Company, has a strong connection to nature. The land in Nga Son, Thanh Hoa, in central Vietnam, where he was born and raised, is renowned for producing sedge mats.
The Comay Craft business debuted in January 2018 with fashionable bags crafted from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, rattan, eagle grass, and water hyacinth. Comay Craft has introduced fresh, distinctive designs to the market that follow current trends and fulfill consumer demand for high-quality, handcrafted bags.
The Ami bag is designed with a simple square design, the rounded waist helps the body of the bag to be softer, the bag depicts the typical image of a house with small windows. This version is hand-woven from Luc Binh yarn grown, harvested and dried in the West - Vietnam and knitted by female Vietnamese Handicraft artisans in Nga Son craft village, Thanh Hoa. The leather strap is embellished with the Comay Craft logo on the front to accentuate the bag.
Inside is a bag lining made of hemp fabric with a zipper. Comes with a dustproof bag for storage The bag is handmade from water hyacinth yarn, by artisans in a Vietnamese craft village.

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