DONATELLO clutch, Petra

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Clutch is a must-have item that every lady own at least one. However, you need one-of-a-kind and stylish accessory to show your vibe instead of using popular clutch, do not you? This clutch is the combination of brocade patterns - traditional beauty and mordern one - high-end materials definitely satisfy your needs.

Valérie Cordier is young French design 33 years old, she was raised in multicultural environment and developed a passion for travel and adventure from an early age. For Valérie, Mexico, Australia, and Asian in particular have proves rich sources of experiences and inspiration. A graduate of ESMOD France (International Fashion University Group, Valérie began her carreer in fashion as a theatre costume designer. Offered a proffessional opportunity in VN, she jumped at the chace to discover Asia. Over the next seven years, Valerie immersed herself in local culture and exercised her talents in design and creation of fashion accessories for both local and international brand.

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