Matin à Dalat 50ml

Price: 2,390,000 VNĐ
Top note: Konifer, Pine. Middle note: Mimosa, Geranium, Grass. Base note: Crypress Wood, Cedar Wood, Moss.
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Y25 was founded by Ms Huynh Hai Yen - an elegant and sophisticated Vietnamese woman, who started her olfactory adventure with the passion of telling the stories of scents.In 2013, Yen established NauNau - a Vietnamese brand specialized in beauty care products and perfume creations. She has then made a name for herself thanks to the painstaking process to create NauNau and her choice of exquisite, rare and selective raw materials collected locally and globally.Since then, Yen decided to write a new chapter in her olfactory adventure and dedicated her passion for the world of fragrances by introducing Y25- Artisan de Parfum.With her gifted sensation for scents and her endless love for her motherland, Yen captured and bottled the complex olfactory of the five cities of Vietnam, contributing a small portion of the spirit, essence and history of the places to everyone.

Top note: Konifer, Pine.
Middle note: Mimosa, Geranium, Grass.
Base note: Crypress Wood, Cedar Wood, Moss.
"Lights from the pine forest knocking on the windows awakening me” 
An outdoorsy, invigorating breeze of pine and cedarwood blowing through early mountain dew perfectly blends with a vivid, joyful scent of yellow pompoms of mimosa with a slight nostalgic touch of genarium and cypress note giving a flashback of the peaceful melody of the old church charm in a  early morning. Matin a Dalat releases the atmosphere of one early morning on the highland with uplifting, airy and fresh green, yet deep mysterious fragrance notes resembling the beauty of the pine forest far away hidden behind the dreaming dew. 
Matin à Dalat – a sunny morning on the highland .

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