Printed scarf


Coral red square silk scarf- PHOENIX

Price: 2,450,000 VNĐ
Twill silk
65*65 cm
Product infomation
Owners of the Desilk brand Ms. Van Hang and Minh Pham, a renowned Swiss designer with Vietnamese ancestry, are committed to developing the De Silk brand using the authentic, traditional materials and methods from the "silk capital." in Bao Loc, Lam Dong province  in 2018.
Traditional elements are artfully woven into complex, high-tech weaving techniques, a harmonious fusion of skilled, careful, and innovative Swiss designers with traditional weaving workers from the East and the West. Each piece of silk cloth is adorned by Swiss designer Minh Pham with a lotus blossom or leaf—the spiritual emblem of Vietnam in balance with the natural world. Customers can notice the meticulousness and intelligence in each of those paintings.

Lotus is not only associated with the sacredness of religion but also the most beautiful symbol in mind's Vietnamese people.The Phoenix scarf simulates the shape of the phoenix tail, a mascot symbolizing the beauty of Orient. When wearing a Phoenix scarf, it will be like covering yourself with brilliant lotus petals.



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