Printed scarf


Silk scarf LOUISA - Vintage bouquet

Price: 1,850,000 VNĐ
100% Satin Silk
29x180 cm
Out stock
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Since arriving in Vietnam, Metiseko’s French founders have been driven by a desire to create upscale and cosmopolitan quality clothing, accessories and homeware with a strong “Made in Vietnam” identity.

Metiseko’s Creative Team takes inspiration from Vietnamese traditions and landscapes to create original fabrics and designs that capture the essence of this fascinating country while remaining stylish and contemporary

The unique and creative collections are produced locally from quality Vietnamese silk and organic cotton, following socially and environmentally responsible principles. Experience the world of Metiseko and take home a long-lasting memory of Vietnam

Stay warm, comfortable and chic wrapped in this reversible infinity scarf. A Metiseko signature product, one side showcases a unique Metiseko print while the other side features a contrasting or matching color. 
Umber incense on dark teal.

Satin silk
Dry Cleaning


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