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Silk scarf TIMESQUARE - Long Dao Blue

Price: 1,850,000 VNĐ
Long Dao Blue
100% Silk Satin. Long Dao Blue print
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Since arriving in Vietnam, Metiseko’s French founders have been driven by a desire to create upscale and cosmopolitan quality clothing, accessories and homeware with a strong “Made in Vietnam” identity.

Metiseko’s Creative Team takes inspiration from Vietnamese traditions and landscapes to create original fabrics and designs that capture the essence of this fascinating country while remaining stylish and contemporary

One of our signature products, this light and flowing tassel scarf adds a little Metiseko to any outfit. 100cm x 90cm.
The collection’s signature print, Long Dao Blue captures a playful and undulating moment when the Dragon spreads its blue scales on black silk.
Silk Satin
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