Huong Canh terracotta - Thai Nhat Minh


Con Sen - Huong Canh terracotta

14,100,000 vnđ
Chất liệu
Huong Canh terracotta, silver & lacquer
Kích thước
Product infomation
Products of traditional Huong Canh terracotta of  Artist: Thai Nhat Minh, inspired by the ancient products of Huong Canh Pottery Village (Vinh Phuc Province) of the midland and mountainous north pottery tradition.

He said "I believe that with the mysterious names such as Chĩnh giắt, Thóng Bằng, Thóng lá, Bìm, Cóc Tít, Chậu Đậu, Bát Hùa etc., as well as its characteristic shapes, will evoke Memories of life of previous generations associated with Chum Sanh, Vai Ca, Vase and other essential daily items from this ceramic line. It is not just container of food, drink but also life, dreams ... and also the traditional values ​​contained in it."

If the shape of every pottery is a well-shaped, perfect, fixed, traditional, and limited the birds within each shape that I created carry the dream out of the range of traditions but not break or change, and is the fulcrum of the dream.

This series also delineates the boundaries between infinite and infinite, traditional and modern, old and new, artisans and artists, products and works, vision and the imagination. , memories and the present ...

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