Scented candle

Vietnamese Rose & Delentii Candle

1,287,000 vnđ
Botanical palm wax, essential oi
230 Gr
Product infomation

A light and delicate fragrance created using Delentii, a beautiful scented orchid from central Vietnam.   • The Delentii orchid is unique in that it is scented (most orchids are not), it was discovered last century by a French botanist called Monsieur Delenat. • Designed to capture the freshness of newly cut flowers, this is a light and delicate fragrance combining top notes of Rose, Bergamot, Violet and Delentii. 
Unique silver hand blown glass • Botanical palm wax from renewable resources gives a clean, even burn • Eco-friendly cotton wick (does not contain lead) • Very high fragrance content • Packaging is at least 90% recycled card (everything except for surface paper) • 230g candle, around 50 hours’ burning time- one of most competitive on the market • Wax may vary in colour due to high content of essential oils. • Advise customers to trim the wick frequently to 0.5mm. Due to the high content of essential oils, soot can build up around the top of the wick, so it is important to trim the wick. • Recommended burning time is 2-4 hours

Cochine is an international luxury home fragrance range inspired by Saigon and the romance and elegance of Indochina • Launched in 2010, Cochine is sold in leading departments stores in HK, UK and US as well as stores in Europe, Middle East and Asia  • Regularly featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Marie Claire, CondeNast Traveller and Harpers Bazaar. Cochine is the first luxury fragrance brand inspired by Vietnam. Its name is derived from  La Cochinchine, the name given to Southern Vietnam by the French.  

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