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Buddha Head decor with tassel

Price: 4,113,000 VNĐ
Sale Off: 2,056,500 VNĐ
-50 %
black, red, green, white
Product infomation
Designed by French designer, Jacques Blanchard

Jacques Blanchard comes from France. From his early age, Jacques always had strong interested in art, he studied in diferent art shools in France, including the famous " Estienne" school of graphic arts. In 1993, Jacques made his first trip to VN, it was loved at the first sight a source of deep inspiration. After regular visits in the country, he decided to live permanently in Saigon. Jacques's creations are, the marriage between simplicity an luxury. Simplicity in lines and curves, taking inspiration, from a "Zen-Art deco" style; Luxury in materials mixing hight quality lacquer; textile & color to creat deep sheen, light reflection and contrast.

We can easily find lacquer interior decor at any places from your house to your workplace. The reason is that lacquerware has long-lasting beauty, which makes anyone fall in love whenever they see and touch these artworks. Lacquer decor can be deforemed and crashed, however, when they are struck or rubbed. It is mentioned to demostrate that many people using lacquerware do not understand deeply how to keep them well. 

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