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Nga Duong’s talent is evident in the fact that although she began Duong J&O just three years ago, she’s already experienced enormous success. She runs a manufacturing studio in Hanoi, where eight dedicated jewelry artisans work and maintain strict quality control. “Quality is an issue in Vietnam,” she admitted. “Sometimes in Vietnam, when a seller says that the gold is 18 carats it’s actually 14 carats. With my small team, it’s easier to control the quality of the products and make sure they’re high-quality.” With this attention to detail, every customer can rest assured that Duong products at Tan My Design are not just beautiful, but also genuine.

As far as the gemstones goes, Nga was born lucky. She sources many stones from her father’s extensive collection, which includes rubies, sapphires, amethysts and many more varieties found all over Vietnam. Anything that’s not available, like opals, she imports. Every stone is carefully examined by Nga before it’s incorporated into a design, ensuring premium quality.
Using these materials, Nga has been able to produce stunning and original jewelry that is currently sold at Tan My Design and has been shipped to the U.S., Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and many countries throughout Europe. While her technical abilities has helped Duong J&O thrive, it’s clear that her unique vision also contributes to the demand she’s seen worldwide. Although Nga receives inspiration from many places, the sea has always captivated her imagination. “There are many things I like in the sea. Coral, anemones, starfish. You can see that in my designs,” she mused. “However, I also like mobile things. Things that move. I like it when my jewelry moves with the person who is wearing it.” The items available at Tan My Design are wonderful examples of this – they’re dynamic as well as beautiful. 

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