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Silk is a kind of natural protein fiber obtained from the silk of silkworms. It is also one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. Silk is produced and popularized in China, India and Vietnam. This is one of the most popular fabrics in the world.

Silk ties seem to be a new trend for gentlemen in recent time. Today, silk tie represents the class and status of gentlemen in society. It is also an indispensable element to show the fashion style that men are pursuing.

If you like to wear plain colored shirts or colorful stripe shirts, don't forget to highlight with these simple ties having eye-catching colors.


First, you loosen the knot before you take it off. Then you begin to untie the silk tie in the reverse order when you tied it on. You shouldn't wear silk ties when you're not using them. This will create deep wrinkles on your silk tie.


Everyday coming home from work,  you may want to take a break to relax immediately. However, spend just a minute to take off your tie, it will greatly help your tie. You should hang the tie in the bathroom overnight because the hot steam will help the wrinkles disappear. With little wrinkles, you can roll and lay the tie on a flat surface .As a result, you will see the magic the next morning.


The first thing to remember when cleaning anything made of silk is to keep it away from water. Washing silk ties with water can aggravate the stain and damage silk by causing loops or ripples. So it can also damage the color or pattern on the tie.
The second one to keep in mind is time. Absorb the stain with a soft cloth or a paper towel as soon as you see it. The goal is to limit the stain that can spread to other areas of the tie.
If washing is required, it is best to dry clean. The dry cleaning process will have a special solvent that removes stains on clothes while maintaining the quality of the clothes. When washing, pay attention to avoid scratching the tie. Chemical bleach will cause the tie to discolor, deform and lose its shine.

First, take off the tie  and lay it on a flat surface. Please, use a small towel  soaked in alcohol and squeeze it. Then, wipe the stain gently on the silk tie until the stain is gone.  Dry the tie immediately with a hair dryer (cool setting) in order that the alcohol does not make marks on the silk tie.

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