Living fossil - Vuong Van Thao


Hanoi electric cable pole

Price: 47,000,000 VNĐ
composite, pine resin, clay
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Vuong Van Thao's "fossilization" is not ordinary. After taking a site inspiection, photographing, he embossed the model of the house, the gate of the village ... by the clay, making a slider and then the composite "transparent" cover block. Fossils, or rather, "locked" the old houses, the ancient village gate in the color of amber with two dominant colors yellow & red.

In addition to the houses are the electric poles also fossilized, labeled street names or numbered houses. In the amber block, Vuong Van Thao skillfully poured chemicals to create cracks, stretch marks, and describe the contradiction in the development of Hanoi.

The works of electric cable pole of Hang Gai is wrapped in pine resin but still retains the overall architecture as well as the appearance, moss, age ... of Vuong Van Thao was first exhibited at L'espace (French Culture Center in Hanoi) in 2007 has attracted a lot of public's attention. Coming to this exhibition, viewers had met cultural symbols, historical evidence and symbols for the beauty of the ancient Hanoi people. Vuong Van Thao's "living fossil" was ranked in the Top 10 of the APB Foundation Signature Art Prize 2008 after overcoming 34 other international works by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).

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