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Green bird pulp statue #3

Price: 7,990,000 VNĐ
Pulp, Adhesive, Copper, Watercolor
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Artworks is in the line of bird pulp statue are made by Author Thai Nhat Minh.

He said: "When I was young, I read in the fairy tales, myths, legends, fables ... people often used the metaphor of animal story to say about people, then I saw the bird image in many stories about. dreams, desires, aspirations ... and even in the origin of one community. Since then I also borrow birds image to express my dreams & thinking.

Using pulp and blending techniques with glue and color resulted from the lesson the ants build their nests because they also use cellulose to mix with glue from their salivary glands to build the nest, very natural and quite durable. The use of pulp and hand-applied directly also helped me to leave all the emotions in the process of artifacts on the work

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