Round Table cloth


Christmas round table cloth included with 8 napkins-Pine leaf embroidery (size 180 cm)

Price: 2,115,000 VNĐ
180 cm
Product infomation
Tan My is a famous destination for exquisite hand-embroidered products, made and preserved by four generations of Hanoi women. A special feature of Tan My products is that they are completely made by hand; created by highly skilled artisants working exclusively for Tan My to ensure the best quality for beautiful designed products.
Starting from a pair of embroidered monogram pillows for couples, or a handkerchief to send love with the image of faithful pigeons… the traditional hand-embroidered products of Tan My are gradually being completed step by step. better and increasingly receiving the love of a large number of domestic and foreign customers. 

​Hand-embroidered products with Christmas theme are not only domestic customers but also many foreign customers interested in using and satisfy with the quality of our embroidery stitches and fabric. 

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